Burning Operations

On December 21, 2018, the Campo Reservation Fire Protection District engaged in burning operations in the area of Church Road and Highway 94. Burning operations during the winter assists fire personnel in the elimination of excess fuels, thereby improving protection of structures and other improvements. 


Recycling of Holiday Trees

The Campo Reservation Fire Protection District will be accepting holiday trees for recycling. Trees must be free of all decorations, tinsel, etc. If interested, please bring bare trees to Station 65 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Thank you! 

Drafting Training

In July, Campo Reservation Fire Protection District personnel refreshed drafting skills. Drafting is used in remote locations where water sources such as fire hydrants and stand pipes are not available. Here, Engineer Ortiz is filling a portable tank to provide a source of water. Water is "drafted" from the portable tank into the fire engine's main pump.

REACH Air Ambulance Training
Campo Reservation Fire Protection District personnel participated in a special training with REACH Air Medical Services. Personnel refreshed aircraft grounding skills and emergency procedures in the event of a crash. Special thank you to REACH Air Medical Services for taking the time to provide the training.

Truck Operations & Rescue Training
In September, Campo Reservation Fire Protection District personnel participated in a rescue training with Truck 65. The drill, pictured, consisted of using Truck 65's ladder to perform a simulated rescue. Here, the ladder is used to hoist a simulated victim from the ground. In a real-life rescue situation, the skill could be used to remove victims from areas with difficult access.

Fire Danger Ratings

Have you noticed the fire danger rating signs on the Campo Reservation? The Campo Reservation Fire Protection District maintains two fire danger rating signs on the reservation; one is located on Buckman Springs Road in Old Campo, and the other is located on Church Road in front of Station 65. 

Campo Reservation Fire Protection District personnel update the fire danger rating signs regularly, and provide maintenance to the signs. The District utilizes the United States Forest Service's Wildfire Assessment System (WFAS) to obtain accurate, up-to-date readings.